F-1 Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) Request

International students studying at TMU on an F-1 visa are eligible to remain in the United States for 1 year after the completion of their degree in order to seek employment related to their field of study. This extension of stay is referred to by the INS as Optional Practical Training (OPT).


Before an international student can complete an application for OPT, s/he must be recommended by his/her academic advisor. The academic advisor must indicate that the student’s academic program is reaching a certifiable conclusion.


Please note that TMU provides legal authorization for this student to complete his/her application based on your recommendation.

Please verify the student's information below, and then supply answers to the following questions.
Student Information

May be estimated by the student

May be estimated by the student

May be estimated by the student

This date is the final meeting of the last class meeting or the date during exam week by which all assignments must be completed, whichever is latest.

After you submit this form, The Office of the Registrar will automatically be notified to sign their part of the request.