International Parent Supplemental Form 2024 - 2025

International Parent Supplemental Form

Parents of dependent, non-citizens must fill this supplemental form out in order for your student to qualify for any international grants.  

Students must be accepted to The Master's University before you can apply for Financial Aid, including this scholarship. 

* Students who are US Citizens but currently live in a foreign country are not eligible for the International Student Grant. 

Family Information 

Your TMU Id is given to you after you are granted acceptance to The Master's University (TMU). If you have questions on where to access your TMU Id, please contact

Financial Information - Parent

Income Information

All of the following financial information must be given in United States Dollars (USD). 
If Item is not applicable please type in "0".  

Income Information

Please elaborate on how you supported your family (food, housing, etc.) in 2022

Tax Information

Asset Information
Enter your current assets. If Item is not applicable please type in "0".

If necessary, use additional paper to explain any unusual expenses, other debts, or special circumstances that the institution should consider when it is deciding how much financial aid, if any, you will receive. 

We declare that the information on this for is true, correct, and complete. The University has our permission to verify the information by obtaining documentation as needed. Providing false information may jeopardize a student's visa and admissions status. 
You have completed the application. To continue, please click "REVIEW & SUBMIT". This will take you to the e-Signature page.

Attention: after you complete the e-Signature on the next page, you will receive a verification e-mail. You MUST approve the verification email, therefore ensure that you provide a valid e-mail and check your spam folder if you do not receive it immediately.