2024-25 Financial Burden Analysis

Financial Aid Analysis Application 

The Master's University recognizes that some families have lost jobs or a significant amount of income due to unforeseen circumstances in the current year. We want to do our best to help work with you and the federal government to assist you with additional resources. We have the ability to notify the Department of Education of any significant loss of income and in return potentially help you receive additional federal aid. 

The following is an application to let The Master's University know that there has been a significant change in your families income.

This is applicable to both New and Continuing students

Student Information

Your TMU Id is given to you after you are granted acceptance to The Master's University (TMU). If you have questions on where to access your TMU Id, please contact admissions@masters.edu.

Financial Circumstance 

Please upload the following:

Copy of W-2s (2022)
Copy of separation notice (if applicable) 
Copy of last three months pay check stub (For both parents)
Copy of Unemployment compensation summary of benefits form (if applicable)

Based on your specific situation, we may need more information. If you have questions you can call our office at 661-362-2290 or email us at financialaid@masters.edu

A Financial Aid Counselor will review the files submitted and may reach out to the family to ask some follow up questions. 

You have completed the application. To continue, please click "REVIEW & SUBMIT". This will take you to the e-Signature page.

Attention: after you complete the e-Signature on the next page, you will receive a verification e-mail. You MUST approve the verification email, therefore ensure that you provide a valid e-mail and check your spam folder if you do not receive it immediately.